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Ocean Leather

Ocean Leather transforms fish skin into fish leather and sells it as a leather product. We also operate as a fish leather wholesaler for corporate and individual customers.




“All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full.”

The ocean has been a symbol of curiosity and exploration since ancient times, and its vastness and depth are immeasurable.
Ocean Leather brings the beautiful ocean closer to you.


Fish skin is transformed into "leather" through more than 10 steps by craftsmen. Everything is done by hand, and we value the individuality of each fish, including the scratches created while the fish was alive. Please enjoy the beautiful natural texture of the sea, created by the hands of craftsmen.



Leather that can only be found here, created by the power of nature and the soul of craftsmen.

We carry out repeated experiments to bring out the charm of the material to its fullest, working thoroughly to create leather that satisfies every aspect of the leather, including its color, hardness, and texture.

We have produced over 50 types of fish so far. Turn any fish into leather.



Currently, a large amount of fish skin is discarded almost every day, and it has become a problem for society. However, Ocean Leather uses all discarded hides and scales to create new value in an environmentally friendly way.
In addition, waste fluids often used in leather processing that contain heavy metals such as chromium have negative effects on health and the environment. Ocean Leather uses vegetable tannins that are more natural and have less environmental impact in order to protect the ocean environment.




Our Team

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