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Sample book red sea bream

Sample book red sea bream

This is a sample book of products handled by Ocean Leather.


・From the perspective of SDGs, we use the scraps that appeared during the production stage as samples.


・As photos do not convey the feel, texture, and color of the leather, we recommend purchasing a sample book before purchasing leather.


- The appearance of the photo may vary depending on your monitor environment, so if you judge only from the photo, the color may be different.


-Nevertheless, due to the nature of the material natural leather, there are differences in the unevenness of dyeing depending on the part of the leather, and the way dyes and other chemicals are added changes depending on the time of preparation and temperature, so the color may vary depending on the lot. It also creates blur.


・This is an example of an individual product, but actual leather is pasted on it, so please consider the nature of natural leather when checking.

  • Regarding delivery

    Flat rate ¥500

    Free shipping if the total is over ¥10,000

    Delivery company cannot be specified.

Sales Tax Included
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