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The scales are light as petals and feel like straws. The scales we handle are the scales of sea bream. The scales produced during the processing process are thoroughly washed, dried, and dyed, so there is no odor.In addition, the scales are very light and gentle on the body.
Some scales are curved.


  • Handling Instructions

    There may be small scratches or uneven color on the surface of the scales.

    Also, if you apply force intentionally, it will bend.

    If you store it in a humid place, it will absorb moisture and feel damp, so be sure to store it in a dry place. If this happens, please dry it in the sun for about half a day in a well-ventilated place.


  • Delivery charge

    For overseas delivery, the charge varies depending on the region.


    [EMS price list]

    -Asia ¥1,820

    -North and Central America/Middle -East/Oceania ¥3,180

    -Europe ¥3,200

    -South America/Africa ¥3,420

  • Regarding delivery

    Flat rate ¥500

    Free shipping if the total is over ¥10,000

    Delivery company cannot be specified.

10 Grams
Sales Tax Included
Color Option
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