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Atrantic Salmon [Suede] L

Atrantic Salmon [Suede] L

Salmon Leather [Suede] L

Thickness ---- around 0.7mm

Scale pattern--moderate


Gloss ---- None

Strength----Very high

Abrasion resistance --- Low

Aging --- The leather ages.


Salmon leather tanned with vegetable tannins, featuring a uniform size, three-dimensional scale pattern, and uneven texture.

It retains its natural color and has a white gradation from the center to the belly.

The evenly arranged scale pattern and extremely high strength are features that other leathers do not have.


It has an uneven texture because of the scale pattern.

In addition, you can use the white gradation from the center to the belly as an accent for the work.


It is the suede-like finish and characterized by fluff with a scale pattern. Leather with a large scale pattern is characterized by low abrasion resistance and dirt resistance, but this characteristic is remarkable in suede-like fish leather. Please handle with care. Due to the vegetable tannin tanning, the color gradually darkens over time (aging).


Since ancient times, salmon has been processed into leather by the Ainu people and northern tribes. One of the big reasons is the strength. Salmon leather has the highest strength among fish leather, and since there are many large individuals, people in the past used salmon leather to make clothes and shoes.



  • 【Handling Instructions】

    Leather is a living thing. The thickness, luster, strength and color may vary slightly depending on the individual, fishing method, and production lot.

    Please refer to the indicated thickness as a guide, as the thickness varies depending on the part and individual.

    All of our products use "vegetable tannin" collected from trees as a tanning material.

    Please store in a dark place with low humidity as it is easily discolored by UV rays.

    Some fish leather is vulnerable to friction. Avoid friction when using.

    Due to the characteristics of leather fibers such as yellowtail leather and Thai leather, it is easy to separate the grain surface and the floor surface.

  • Regarding delivery

    Flat rate ¥500

    Free shipping if the total is over ¥10,000

    Delivery company cannot be specified.

PriceFrom ¥2,900
Sales Tax Included
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